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Record Blocking

Data controller (My Sneeky Peek LLC)

This removal policy covers the following websites and a removal from one will remove your entry from the live search upon all websites:


All requests for record blocking will be considered within 21 days.

You will need to satisfy the data controller that you are the true data subject.

UK Electoral Roll data pre-2003 was collected as a statutory record and sold with full consent to process. The data controller is under no obligation to remove this data but because this data was collected before the data subject was provided with a choice we will always remove any record block request for pre-2003 data from the true data subject within 21 days.

Since 2003 data subjects have been provided with a choice in regards to registering for the UK Electoral Roll.

Choices data subjects in the UK are provided with in regards to electoral roll:

  1. Edited now called the Open Electoral Roll. This version of the UK electoral roll is for sale to any person or organisation including credit reference agencies for any use including direct marketing and market research purposes. If you have consented to be on this data set and then subsequently removed your consent at your local council from the open electoral roll, your local council DOES NOT and is under no obligation to notify or inform any person or organisation that has purchased this consented data of your change in mind. It is your obligation to provide to the data controller evidence your entry has been removed from the open electoral roll for any entry post 2003. This personal data is sold with full consent to process, that consent is freely provided by the data subject and once consent is provided any removal is subject to a section 10 record removal and importantly a letter of confirmation from the data subjects local council electoral roll office that is responsible for the registration that:
    1. The entry is removed from the open electoral roll
    2. The date the record was removed
  2. Full Electoral Roll. This data cannot be sold by your council to any person although it can be viewed by any member of the public in a local council building and is viewable by any member of the public at the British library (London) and regional centres.
  3. Anonymous Registrations. Upon application and justification your local council can make any registration anonymous, this is normally for persons at physical risk.

Other sources of data processed:

Statutory records. Insolvency, CCJ, Companies House director records, consented individual records. These records are statutory and will only be removed if they are a genuine section 10 request with evidence to support. Please be aware that just because you are on the full electoral roll that does not mean your data cannot lawfully be processed if that data is collected from other statutory or consented data sources or is open source.

To be considered for a record removal. you must provide a full page URL to a web page on:


e.g www.freesearchelectoralroll.com/index/uk/b4/b476et/frank_cooper.shtm

If you do not provide evidence My Sneeky Peek are processing your records, we will not consider any record block request.

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